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Blue Buffalo Company

Note: Blue Buff has voluntarily recalled their pet food. Details here: (October 8, 2010)

Blue Buffalo LifeSource BitsBlue Buffalo Company is a family-owned company and maker of natural foods for dogs.

The Connecticut company was started when the family Airedale Terrier (named Blue) was diagnosed with cancer and in need of a higher quality dog food. To help their beloved pet, a formula was developed with human grade meat, grains, fresh vegetables and fruit.

Blue Buffalo Dog Food

Blue’s claim to fame came with the addition of their exclusive LifeSource bits in every formula. Most pet food manufacturers cook their added vitamins and minerals right along with the rest of their ingredients. This affects the potency in both the antioxidants and vitamins.

The company decided to try something different. Instead of cooking their vitamins with the food they cold-formed them into bite size blends of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. This ensures that every dog receives the maximum benefit of the vitamins and minerals. The LifeSource bits are then mixed in with the rest of the food for complete balanced nutrition. Blue Buffalo also believe that their patented LifeSource bites may offer protection against many environmental toxins and increased immune function.

Blue Buffalo Dog FoodIn terms of selection Blue offers several options: Life Protection for added antioxidant protection, Longevity for the senior canine, and Wilderness for a high-protein/low-carb choice. For the pet owner who wants an organic food for their dog, Blue offers their Organics line. Certified organic by Oregon Tilth, the Organics line contains 80% organic ingredients.

True to the hallmark of premium dog foods, Blue Buff uses deboned chicken, lamb, or fish as the first ingredient. For fat sources, Buffalo gets a blue ribbon for using high quality sources such as sunflower, flaxseed, and fish oils. Whole grain rice, barley and oatmeal make fine additions to the carbohydrate portion of the food and peas, potatoes and carrots are nutritious vitamin sources. You will not find any corn, soy or wheat in any Buffalo products, which further supports its position as a premium dog food.

Pet Food Recall News

There is only one dark spot that mars Blue Buffalo Company’s fairly sterling reputation. One of the few privately owned companies involved in a recall, Blue was pulled off the shelves in 2007 for melamine contamination. The melamine came from rice protein obtained from Wilber-Ellis and was included in the formulation by manufacturer American Nutrition.

The Buffalo Blue Company claimed that American Nutrition included the rice protein without their consent and removed all products made by American Nutrition off the shelves regardless of contamination.

American Nutrition responded with a statement denying any deliberate or wrongful conduct and claimed that customers had requested the rice-based formulations. We will never know the real story but it is admirable that Blue responded to the recall by pulling all American Nutrition made foods off the shelves even when most were probably not contaminated.

Blue Buffalo Review

Blue Buffalo WildernessIf you have reason to feed your dog a high-protein diet, consider the Blue Buffalo Wilderness line. Five of the first six ingredients are meat products and is almost grain-free. It also lacks any controversial ingredients, so it’s typically rated highly. The site Dog Food Analysis gave this particular food 6 stars (out of 6).

If you’re looking for an organic dog food, the Blue Organics line is decent too. If your dog can handle grains in his diet, take a look at this one. It includes brown rice and oatmeal, which are quality grains.

Blue Buffalo Coupons

You can usually ask a dog food company to send you a free sample. That way you can test it on your dog before buying a full bag. It’s typically limited to one sample pack per household. If you’ve already used that up, you can get a Blue Buffalo dog food coupon by requesting it on the company site here.

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