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Canidae Dog Food

Canidae Dog FoodThe Canidae Corporation is a company, based out of Norco, California, that manufactures and sells food for both dogs and cats. Established in 1997, this company is dedicated to providing the highest quality, all natural food to their customers.

In fact, if a customer is not satisfied with a Canidae product, they are asked to return the unused portion, for a complete refund. The Canidae Corporation is committed to the 100% satisfaction of every customer.

Canidae Dog Food

Every bag of Canidae dog food is created the “CANIDAE Way”. This means that no product will ever contain unnatural fillers, corn, soy, or wheat. Canidae dog food is also free of unhealthy, chemical preservatives. This dog food is preserved using natural ingredients, in order to provide the freshest and healthiest food possible.

Almost every type of Canidae dog food is available in canned and dry varieties. For optimal nutrition and digestion, Canidae suggests that customers feed their dog a mixture of 75% dry and 25% canned food. This will help to support healthy bowel movements, especially for dogs whose feces tends to be softer than normal.

One of the most interesting things about Canidae dog food is that it contains human-grade meat. Unlike many other companies that use lower grade meats, this food contains some of the highest quality protein used in any dog food. Canidae also uses healthy carbohydrates, like barley and brown rice, and adds important vitamins and amino acids to their recipes.

The Many Varieties of Canidae Dog Food

There are currently ten different varieties of Canidae dog food. The first seven varieties are available both dry and canned. These varieties include:

● CANIDAE® All Life Stages
● CANIDAE® Lamb & Rice
● CANIDAE® Chicken & Rice
● CANIDAE® Beef and Fish
● CANIDAE Platinum®

The last three varieties are currently only available as a dry food product and include:

● CANIDAE® Single Grain Protein Plus

Canidae Canned Dog Food

All Life Stages is designed to provide complete nutrition to dogs of any age. This blend contains turkey, chicken, fish, and lamb, as well as complex carbohydrates, like brown rice. All Life Stages is one of the most popular blends and is ranked as a “5 Star Premium Dry Food” by Dog Food Analysis.

The grain free blends are geared towards those that prefer to keep grain out of their dog’s diet, as grain would not be a dog’s natural food source. In these varieties, the grain is mainly replaced with potatoes, but does contain some fruit as well. These blends have quickly gained popularity with Canidae customers, especially since the original blends are a bit heavy on the grain, when compared to other dog food products. Also, because they are grain free, they do contain more protein, much to the satisfaction of customers.

Canidae LogoThe Canidae Corporation considers CANIDAE® Single Grain Protein Plus to be their “super premium dog food”. This blend contains 29% protein, derived from chicken, lamb, fish, and turkey. Protein Plus also contains both white and brown rice, which serves as the single grain. This variety is only available as a dry food and can be given to puppies, pregnant dogs, and seniors.

Customer Compliments and Complaints

Overall, Canidae customers are more than pleased with this dog food and sing the company’s praises. Experts also have mostly positive things to say. Canidae dog food products have been reviewed by the experts of Dog Food Analysis, the Whole Dog Journal, and Animal Ark, winning them a positive review on all accounts.

The negative aspects of the food are usually regarded to be the high inclusion of grains, the above average prices, and the fact that the food is only available at select retailers. However, it is important to note that Canidae does offer grain free varieties to customers that wish to provide their dog with a more natural diet. The company also offers a number of coupons on their website, which can help customers save money on their products.

Canidae Vs. Angry Customers: January 2009 Lawsuit

Unfortunately, there have been some bumps in the road. In 2009, a group of customers sued the Canidae Corporation. This is because in 2008, Canidae changed their dog food formula, without giving customers adequate notice. Due to the changes, customers reported that their dogs were suffering from loose stools, rectal bleeding, and lethargy. More than one customer had also reported that their dog had died, due to the change in their food. Because of these problems, customers demanded that the company pay their veterinary bills and make significant efforts to alert customers about the change.

Even customers that did not involve themselves in the lawsuit were upset about the formula change. Customer’s whose dogs were sensitive to gluten or the other new ingredients did react poorly to the new products. In response to the situation, Canidae expressed their concern and apologized to all upset customers. Fortunately, the company did bounce back and currently continues to gain fans that enjoy providing their canine companions with natural and healthy dog food.

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