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Canine Caviar Holistic Pet Foods

Important: The Global Shark Initiative is currently campaigning against Canine Caviar because their “Great White Chews” are made from endangered species and are considered harmful to dogs. Please read more here before choosing this brand for your pet. – May 8, 2010

Canine Caviar Dog FoodOne of the more recent additions to the pet food market is Canine Caviar. Established in 1996 by Pharmacology and Nutrition expert Jeff Baker, Canine Caviar has gone on to be considered by many to be one of the premium holistic dog foods on the market.

Raw Food Diet in Kibble Form

Canine Caviar believes so strongly in their holistic approach to an animal’s nutrition that they use a unique cooking process, which enables them to offer consumers a raw meat diet in a dry kibble form. By using a dual temp extruder, the food is cooked only for 6 seconds. This preserves naturally occurring prebiotics and ensures protein quality and digestibility. In fact, all of Canine Caviars dry formulas are over 90% digestible, making them one of the most digestible dog foods on the market.

Good Reputation and History

Maintaining a solid reputation in the last 13 years, none of Canine Caviars products have ever been recalled or pulled off the shelves for health and safety issues. A voluntary recall, due to a minor labeling problem is the only slightly negative press Canine Caviar has ever received. Details here.

Canine Caviar Dog Food BagUsing only human grade meats and grains, Canine Caviar serves up delicious entrees for your dog including their Holistic Beneficial Grain Kibble in Lamb and Chicken, as well as the grain-free Venison and Split Pea. The grain kibble incorporates pearl millet, which is a more expensive grain ingredient, but considered to be one of the least allergenic available. The grain free option uses free range venison and real split peas both of which are human grade.

Included in all of the products are chicory root to promote beneficial colon flora, lecithin for better absorption of fats and proteins, alfalfa and kelp for stomach health, garlic to stimulate immune function, uucca for hip and joint support and rose hips for added vitamin supplementation.

On the other hand, Canine Caviar does also contain beet pulp, a common filler. Beet pulp is a less desirable ingredient that is often marketed as a good source of fiber. In actuality, beet pulp is more of a by-product and can sometimes cause health problems in dogs. There are better products that can be used in place of beet pulp and this keeps Canine Caviar from getting the highest rating. More meat content and less fat would also improve the food.

Large Selection of Good Dog Food

Canine Caviar Dog TreatsBy and large Canine Caviar appears to be a quality dog food. Its unique raw diet characteristics make it especially attractive to those seeking a holistic dog food. Also, its unusual but flavorful combinations are likely to be very palatable to most dogs. They have so many varieties, in many forms (kibble, canned, frozen), that it’s likely they make something that’s a match for your dog.

Marginally less expensive than some of its competitors such as Newman’s Own, Canine Caviar is an very good choice for your loved pet.

They also offer a wide range of treats and supplements, all made with the same care and as their main meals.

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