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Evanger's Dog FoodResponsible dog owners across the country will go to great lengths to attain all the best for our companions. Though all the best intentions are present, often nutrition is overlooked. A healthy diet is invaluable to our furry counterparts, and should be given great attention. It isn’t enough to walk into a grocery store and pick up a large bag of cheap dog food; essential vitamins and nutrients are missing. The bottom line is: you get what you pay for; following the guidelines for proper nutrition is definitely worth the price that is paid for it.

What Is Important About Ingredients?

Evanger’s Dog and Cat Food Company knows that there is a higher meaning behind the list of ingredients; that is why they have dedicated themselves to producing only the best, highest quality dog food formulas. Evanger’s Dog Food realizes the importance of a balanced diet. Making Evanger’s your brand of choice means cutting out the needless fillers and by-products and packing in more of the natural ingredients that benefit your pet.

Corn is the leading ingredient in many dog foods; for what reason? Corn does the same thing for dogs that it does for humans: nothing. However, the presence of corn does something for dogs that is absent in humans; creates skin allergies. Corn is the leading skin allergen for dogs, causing disruption in dogs that are already prone to skin issues. Corn is used as a filler; it takes up room in the dogs stomach that could have been filled with nutrients. Dog food companies love to use corn because it helps them to conserve money by withholding some of the more expensive ingredients. This does not happen at Evanger’s; corn is left in the cold.

Another popular ingredient with dog food companies is by-product and by-product meal. People that can see past the “by-product” disguise know the benefits of staying away from them. Evanger’s cares about the quality of food that is produced and consumed. If you wouldn’t eat it, why feed it to your dog? It is important to remember that dogs are just like people, they sometimes have allergic reactions to common foods. For dogs that suffer with food allergies, it becomes imperative to use a food that is high quality and healthy.

Evanger’s Dog Food: Past, Present and Future

Evanger's Canned Dog FoodEvanger’s has been making quality dog and cat food since 1935, one of the first all-natural companies to expand in the United States. Founder of Evanger’s, Fred Evanger was a showman of Great Danes and believed strongly in proper nutrition. Though there were limited options available to him, Evanger wanted to ensure that the generations to come would be better equipped. So a brand of dog food lacking preservatives and additives was born. Evanger’s grew quickly into a brand that was well-known and highly regarded.

Evanger’s continues to move forward, advancing as time and technology allows. A gold standard has just been introduced into the Evanger’s line of dog food, a huge step forward in canned and dry dog food. The gold standard is just that, continuing the trend of human-quality ingredients and no preservatives, fillers or by-products. Fast, furious and finicky eaters are all accounted for within Evanger’s line of dog food. Evanger now offers 100 percent meat and game meat varieties that will be sure to please even the pickiest of eaters.

The Evanger Advantage: What’s In A Name?

At Evanger’s, nutrition is key; but it doesn’t stop there. Quality ingredients is not all that Evanger’s offers, as they attempt to upgrade owner’s thoughts about nutrition. Evanger’s offers many tips on how to keep dogs happy and healthy, while using Evanger’s dog formula.

1. If you find that your dog food is not up to par, consider making the move to Evanger’s. However, if you plan on switching dog foods, do so gradually. Sudden changes in diet can cause stomach distress in dogs and should be avoided where possible. Take 7-10 days and mix the old with the new until your dog is used to the new food.

2. Obesity is unfortunately common in dogs, across the country. While limiting the amount of food is a sure way to de-plump your pooch, it runs the risk of leaving your dog feeling hungry between meals. Evanger’s offers a healthier way to lose weight with their dry chicken or dry pheasant diet. They recommend supplementing the low-fat dry diet with their 100 percent meat cans of wet food, which is low in fat but high in other nutrients. You should not have to worry about picky eaters with this formula; it is packed with natural flavors.

3. It is a good idea to go allergy testing on your dog while at the vet for a routine check-up. Even if you haven’t seen outer signs of a reaction, it doesn’t mean they do not exist. Evanger’s can help with those dogs that have shown allergic reactions to particular ingredients. Believe it or not, some meats can be a cause of allergic reactions in dogs, making it difficult to pick a formula that will be safe. Evanger’s formulas are diverse, including chicken, turkey, beef, rabbit, duck, lamb and pheasant; it will be easier to switch to a safe formula. Some canned foods that are specifically marked are without corn, wheat, dairy and any other ingredients that may cause an allergic reaction.

4. It is also important to take into account conditions that may develop within your pet. Urinary Tract Infections are pretty common in dogs and cats, but can be painful for your companion. If this should occur, contact a veterinarian first, but Evanger’s can offer a potential solution. Evanger’s canned meat products can make urine more acidic and prevent painful crystals from forming.

What’s Available?

Evangers Liver TreatsEvanger’s Dog Food is not at a loss for variety, providing something for everyone. Evanger’s offers all-natural semi-moist and freeze-dried treats, grain-free canned formulas and all organic canned food. There are all types of varieties for the dry dog food formulas, as well. As previously mentioned, Evanger’s offers all types of meats: chicken, turkey, beef, duck, buffalo, lamb, pheasant and others. The ingredients are wholesome, all-natural and healthy, leaving out anything that can be considered harmful or undesirable.

Evanger’s has many followers and has converted many dog owners to their healthier formulas. The public opinion is positive, and feedback is logged on their website for owners that are considering making the change.

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