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Halo Holistic Pet FoodHalo, Purely for Pets began when Andi Brown realized pet food made with balance, nature and love was the only way to have a healthy pet. Commercial pet food, even the premium brands, did not contain the nutrients needed for a healthy animal. Her cat Spot was always sick with skin irritations and digestive problems, but when Andi created her own stew with all-natural fresh chicken and vegetables, Spot became a new, radiant cat with lustrous fur and no fleas.

Halo, Purely for Pets

With Spot’s Stew as the signature product, Halo was started in 1986 by Andi to inform pet owners of the important role of nutrition for pets. Along with the honest information, they provide wholesome products for a better quality of life for the pets and their owners at affordable prices. With a holistic approach to pet care, they have developed all-natural products that don’t have the filler of commercial products. These fillers include grains and possibly hazardous byproducts, as well as the preservatives BHT, BHA and ethoxyguin.

Ellen DeGeneres was convinced of the benefit of HALO, Purely for Pets because one of her dogs was allergic to everything, and he was saved by Spot’s Stew. She became a part owner to help spread the word that pets need the same care humans need if they are to have healthy, happy lives.

Halo recognizes that good nutrition for pets as well as people not only gives them physical health but affects their mental outlook, energy levels and overall well-being. Along with fresh air and exercise, good sleep and a happy atmosphere, good nutrition is the key to health.

Natural Ingredients

Good nutrition is a proper balance of carbohydrates, proteins, fatty acids and essential oils including minerals, vitamins, trace elements and antioxidants. The right combination of these gives the body strength and resistance to diseases, parasites and degeneration.

Chicken meal is an example of an ingredient used in pet foods that HALO will not use. Since it is subject to less-strict standards for animal food safety, it is unfit for human consumption. It is made from diseased or almost dead and disabled animals that may have been carrying infections and harmful organisms. It may contain rendered livestock carcasses and waste products. Companies purchase waste form restaurants, supermarkets, meat processing facilities and packinghouses as ingredients in chicken meal. There is no quality control, so each batch will be different. Any of these products can cause your pet to be sick or undernourished. HALO pet food is made with ingredients that humans could eat; however, HALO Spot’s Stew is intended for cats and dogs, not humans.

Consumer Awareness

Consumer awareness is an important part of the HALO mission, and they want pet owners to know what they are feeding their animals. Some of the ingredients that are common in pet foods can be very harmful.

Artificial coloring has no nutritional value and can cause allergic reactions.

BHA and BHT are preservatives that could be harmful to kidneys

By-products are used to boost protein and fiber in commercial pet foods. They may be hair, feathers, claws, eyeballs, peanut shells and newspaper.

Carcinogen including sodium nitrite, ethoxyguin and sodium nitrate, is another preservative and also a color enhancer.

Corn syrup is pure sugar which is not healthy for pets. It is addictive and can cause them to refuse food that doesn’t contain it.

Dry blood meal is very hard to digest but is put into cat and dog food because it is an inexpensive source of poor quality protein.

Mono Sodium Glutamate (MSG) is toxic for people and pets. It enhances flavor to disguise poor quality food.

Propyl gallate is another chemical preservative.

Propylene glycol is very sweet and is a solvent in anti-freeze and brake fluids. It can kill a pet if swallowed in large doses. It is very sweet and used as a flavor enhancer.

Recognized by Professionals

Dr. Donna Spector, a veterinary internist, has seen through her work that many diseases in pets can be cured through good nutrition. In the past, healthy food for pets had to be homemade which can be expensive and time consuming. But today, with Halo’s high quality ingredients, owners can be confident they are giving their pets the best possible nutrition.

Dr. Donna, DVM, DACVIM, has practiced in many leading animal medical institutions. A member of the American Veterinary Medical Association and the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association, she understands the dietary needs of dogs and cats. She is a recognized consultant for HALO, Purely for Pets and gives nutritional, medical and weight loss advice for dogs and cats through her web-based veterinary consulting service.

Variety Spices up Your Pets Life Too

Halo Dog TreatsHALO offers canned and dry dog food and dry puppy food. The original Spot’s Stew is the standard by which all natural dog food is measured. It is made with whole meats including beet, lamb, salmon and chicken with whole grains and fresh vegetables. It has none of the toxic additives mentioned above. Spot’s Stew Dry is worthy of the name. It comes in chicken, lamb and wild salmon flavors. Puppy Dry comes in chicken and wild salmon flavors.

Cats have a great variety of Spot’s Stew including turkey, chicken and Beef, chicken, lamb and a special chicken, shrimp and crab recipe. There is special dry cat food for cats that stay indoors with chicken and wild salmon flavors. For sensitive cats there is dry food in turkey and seafood medley flavors.

Liv-a-Littles are healthy treats for your pets. There are even vegetarian dog biscuits with peanut and pumpkin that are gluten-free. Dog treats of chicken and cheese, wild salmon for healthy skin and fur and beef and liver. There are real chicken treats for cats. Treats are useful when trying to train a dog and especially fun when playing with a cat. Some treats are 100% freeze dried chicken breast or lean beef. They are all excellent food for optimum health.

Pet supplements can help an animal who needs an extra boost. There are meal enhancements to improve the coat and skin as well as complete multi-vitamin and mineral supplements in chewable form. Vitamin C powder is also important to improve the immune system. For older dogs there is Hip & Joint Supplement for aching joints.

Natural Grooming Products

Nutrition is the most important, but natural grooming supplies are also necessary to help pets be as toxic free as possible. Pets leave stains and odors abound the house. HolistiClean Super Stain and Odor Remover comes in formulas for cats and dogs. Herbal Shampoo without Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, detergents or artificial colors is gentle and rinses out quickly. They also offer Herbal Healing Salve for any skin problem, Herbal Ear Wash and Herbal Eye Wash that are very effective and gentle. For common outdoor dangers there is an Herbal Dip, so pets need not be treated with harsh chemicals.

Changing to a New Pet Food

Pets become accustomed to the type of food they are fed and it may take time to change to a new food, even if the new food is better quality. The unique bacteria and enzymes in the intestinal tracts of pets need to adapt to digest the new food properly. Both dogs and cats should eat a combination of canned and dry food every day. Canned food will help them stay hydrated because they don’t usually drink enough waters, so it is recommended that 25 percent to 50 percent of their daily food is canned.

For three days give a combination of the old food and HALO with mostly the old food. For the next two days make the old food and HALO combination about even. The next two days can be mostly HALO and less old food. By the eight day your pet should be ready for a complete HALO diet.

Watch your pet carefully as they transition from old food to HALO and if there is any vomiting, poor appetite, soft stool or diarrhea go back to the food combination before the digestive upsets started. In this case it may take longer than eight days to transition, but once the pet is on a complete HALO diet there is no need to take transition steps when changing flavors.

Holistic Approach for Pet Owners

Halo - Purely for PetsHALO, Purely for Pets follows the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) definitions of natural pet food. This means the food must contain only ingredients from animal, plant and mined sources. It may not contain highly processed food or chemically synthetic ingredients including artificial flavors, coloring or preservatives. All the grooming supplies have botanical oils and herbal extracts that are natural preservatives so these products have a two year shelf life.

The HALO website contains a wealth of information in its blog and FAQs to help pet owners understand the behavior and problems of their pets. Dr. Spector answers questions on all aspects of pet health. With this commitment to holistic pet health, HALO, Purely for Pets is improving the lives of cats and dogs and helping them live longer, disease-free lives.

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