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Newman’s Own Dog Food

Newman's Own OrganicNewman’s Own is a family owned company that was founded in 1982 by none other than Paul Newman himself.

Originally Newman’s Own specialized in dressings and sauces, but in 1993 Nell Newman, daughter of Paul, founded Newman’s Own Organics. Proclaiming the motto “Great tasting things that happen to be organic,” Newman’s Own Organics began promoting a whole new line of products, which included an organic premium dog food.

What’s Organic Dog Food?

Simply stated, organic products are made without the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, or GMOs. Animals used for organic meat production cannot be given antibiotics or growth hormones. The government, to ensure quality before giving the USDA stamp of approval, heavily regulates organic products.

Newman’s Own Organics pet foods adhere to these standards and contain no chemical additives or preservatives. Their ingredients have been grown according to strict standards and more than 70% of all ingredients used in the formulation are organic. Armed with that knowledge you can expect the ingredients in the Newman’s Own line to be very nutritious and wholesome for your pet.

Wholesome Ingredients

The first and primary ingredient in a Newman’s own dog food product is Natural Chicken. This is real chicken that has been raised without growth hormones or antibiotics and fed only a 100% natural all-vegetable diet. Also used are organic brown rice, barley, peas, oats and carrots. All of which provide necessary vitamins, minerals and fiber. Newman’s Own organics uses no poultry or other meat by products and no corn or wheat gluten, which causes allergies and other health issues in some dogs. Ethoxyquin, a common chemical additive to increase shelf life is also not used.

With all this wholesome goodness there could be no downside right? Well, Newman’s Own Organics does use organic soy meal as a protein source. This is a controversial ingredient because it is believed that soy can cause allergies in pets. It is something to be aware of in pet foods but since it is not the primary source of protein in this food, but rather the third source, it’s less of a concern.

The only other possible downside to Newman’s Own Organics is the price. Organic products are always higher cost due to higher standards of quality and ingredients being used. You can expect to pay around 75.00 for a 25lb bag, making it one of the pricier dog foods on the market.

Is Newman’s Own Dog Food Safe?

Newman's Own Dog TreatsNewman’s Own is still a family owned company dedicated to providing quality food products to consumers. Due to their solid and long standing reputation in the food industry as well as the high quality ingredients used in their pet food, I’d consider Newman’s Own Organics to be a very good pet food.

I haven’t fed the kibble to my dog, but he really likes the Turkey and Sweet Potato dog treats they make.

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