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Nutro Dog Food

Nutro Dog Food

History of Nutro Pet Food

In 1926 a man named John Saleen purchased a dog food company from a British businnessman and renamed the company “Nutro Products.” After moving his new company to California he proceeded to provide quality pet food products to the local community.

Nutro Products was wholly family run until 1976 when they were bought out and their market expanded.

In 1985, Dr. Sharon Machlik, an expert nutritionist, was brought on board to help develop a new line of dog foods using a chicken, lamb and rice formulation. After months of research and development Nutro MAX was introduced to the market as a premium quality dog food. Using quality chicken and lamb in their formulation, Nutro enjoyed a well earned reputation in the pet food industry for several years as a premium dog food producer.

Changes in the Nutro Formula

Nutro Natural ChoiceIn the past 10 years however, Nutros formulation and reputation have changed. In 2007 Nutro was acquired by Mars Foods. Mars Foods is the owner of several commercial dog foods on the market such as Pedigree and Kal Kan. Mars is also the producer of the ever popular Snickers bars and M&M candies. Is it possible for such a large company to produce a quality premium dog food to a selective niche market?

Pet Food Recall

In March of 2007 Nutro was listed as one of the companies affected by the Menu Foods recall. One of the largest pet food recalls to date, Nutro products as well as products from several other companies, were pulled from the shelves due to a suspected Melamine contamination. After investigation, Melamine, a base of cyanamide (a common fertalizer) was found to be causing renal failure in 100’s of pets.

Also since its acquistion, Nutros formulation has changed significantly. The first and fifth ingredients in the formulation are meats, but they are in the meal form. In addition to this Nutro has increased its carb content, making rice bran and corn gluten two of the top ingredients. While this in itself does not make Nutro a poor food, it is important to realize that true premium dog foods use real meat and grain products in the whole form. In terms of essential fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals Nutro does redeem itself slightly by providing quality sources such as flaxseed, alfalfa and oatmeal.

Nutro UltraYou can now buy various Nutro pet food products. There are Nutro MAX, Natural Choice, and Ultra. The Ultra line is what they call their holistic superfood fod dogs. If you had Nutro coupons to use up, that’s the one I’d start with.

You Can Do Better

Nutro has been around for over 50 years, so it is not surprising that they have made a few mistakes along the way. Nutro is also by no means a low quality dog food product. There are many commercial products out there such as Ol’ Roy or Beneful that have far less nutritional value. If you are a person however, who is in a position to provide a high quality premium dog food for your pampered pet, I would recommend checking out other options. The pet food market hosts a variety of choices, many of which will have real meat products, less fillers and carbs, and a higher dedication to quality.

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