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Is Royal Canin a Good Dog Food?

Royal Canin Dog FoodRelying heavily on their non-anthropomorphic approach, Royal Canin claims to focus on the pet’s ideal instead of the owners.

With 3 state of the art research facilities in France, Brazil and UK, Royal Canin designs formulations based solely on blind test studies. In these studies each dog is given two separate bowls of food and allowed to make a choice. They use only data gained from these studies to improve their formulation, no consumer surveys.

Who Owns Royal Canin?

Founded in 1967 in Europe by a French veterinary surgeon, Royal Canin was primarily only sold in Europe for the first 50 years following its inception. Now manufactured and produced by Royal Canin USA, a company owned by Mars Foods, Royal Canin is sold all over the US.

Involvement in 2007 Pet Food Recall

In 2007 Royal Canin was yet another dog food yanked off the shelves due to melamine contamination in the “Menu Foods Recall.” Although this remains the only blemish on Royal Canin’s record it may at least warrant further ingredient research before feeding this food to your pet.

When viewing a typical Royal Canin ingredient label you will notice that the first ingredient is meat in the meal form. Meal form is not the worst way to get protein to your dog, but whole meats are usually preferable. In addition to this, it appears to be the only meat source listed on the label, which raises a concern about the protein quality in the food. Also, the meat meal is followed by 2 kinds of rice listed separately, which leads one to believe that rice may actually be in equal if not greater portions than the meat.

With that said, Royal Canin does not include corn gluten in their products, which is a huge positive. They do however show wheat gluten, another type of filler, high up on the ingredient list and beet pulp which is a less than desirable filler commonly presented as a fiber source.

Different Formulas for Different Dogs

Royal Canin is also known for its unique line of breed specific/condition specific foods. Currently, Royal Canin boasts of more than 40 specialized types of dog food ranging from German shepherd Max 24 to Royal Canin Mini canine. While its highly convenient to be able to purchase a food designed specifically for your breed of dog, is it highly nutritious?

Royal Canin Coupons

Royal Canin Diet and SkinThough you can often find coupons to buy this food at a discount, it’s never good to base something like your dog’s diet on cost. You’ll save a few bucks on the daily feeding, but it’s worth spending a little more to give your pet a wholesome, healthy meal.

Royal Canin has a few things going for them and the breed specializations in their line, such as their Diet and Skin formula, are interesting and appealing.

Based on its ingredients, it ranks slightly above its counterpart Nutro, but still below many other Premium Dog Foods on the market.

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