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Science Diet Dog FoodScience Diet dog food was created by a company called Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Inc. Hill’s Pet Nutrition first began in 1939, when a veterinarian by the name of Dr. Mark L. Morris Sr. was approach by a very concerned dog owner.

Morris Frank came to Dr. Morris because Buddy, his guide dog, has been diagnosed with kidney disease. Mr. Frank relied on Buddy, as he had been his eyes for years. He went to Dr. Morris because Dr. Morris held the firm belief that a dog’s health could be managed through its diet. Fortunately, this proved to be true.

Because of Buddy, Dr. Morris created a dog food, designed to help dogs suffering from kidney disease. While the original blend has been improved over the years, this dog food, which is now called Hill’s® Prescription Diet® k/d® is still being sold.

What Is the Science Diet?

The name “Science Diet” conjures up images of dog-loving scientists brewing up dog food in a laboratory. While that image is not entirely accurate, the makers behind the Science Diet are constantly researching and creating ways to improve their food. Hill’s Pet Nutrition employs over 150 food scientists, veterinarians, and nutritionists that work together to create the healthiest pet food products.

The Science Diet is still based around the idea that a dog’s health can be controlled by its diet. If a dog is suffering from a disease, the food he or she consumes can significantly improve their condition. This is why there are a wide varieties of Science Diet dog food products to meet a wide range of different needs.

The dog food products offered to consumers are formulated to promote the best health possible. Each blend contains important vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Nutrients, like fat and salt, are limited, to ensure that a dog is getting balanced nutrition. Fortunately, even when limiting these ingredients, the makers of the Science Diet ensure that each product will be pleasing to the canine palate.

In most of the Science Diet dog foods, protein is the first ingredient. The second ingredient is usually corn or another common filler. These products also contain soybean meal, corn gluten, and wheat, which is generally seen as a negative aspect of the food.

Different Formulas Offered by the Science Diet

Natures Best Dog FoodThe science diet currently offers customers nine different canned foods and 44 dry foods. Most of these varieties cater to a specific set of needs. There are specific formulas for puppies, adults, and seniors, which makes it easy for customers to provide the proper nutrition throughout the different stages of their dog’s life.

There are also different formulas that are designed to be gentle on a dog’s stomach, help the dog lose weight, promote healthy joints, increase energy, and boost the immune system. Each of the different formulas are designed to meet a dogs nutritional needs, while specifically addressing a specific issue.

What Do Customers Have to Say About Science Diet Dog Food?

There are a few complaints that both customers and dog food experts have about Science Diet dog food. The first complaint is that Hill’s Pet Nutrition puts too much corn in their formula. Also, while the food does offer a variety of nutrients, these ingredients are not as high quality as those used in other popular dog foods.

Science Diet KibbleScience Diet dog food is also easy on a dog’s digestive system. Many customers that have experienced problems with other foods, claim that the Science Diet eased their dog’s digestive issues. Some customers have also said that their dog has experienced digestive problems when trying a new type of food, after being fed Science Diet food.

Experts at the Dog Food Advisor only gave Science Diet dog food two out of five stars. These experts were concerned about the amount of corn in the food, as well as the low quality of the meat used. Overall, they were not impressed by the food and believed it to be below average.

Yet, even with the many negative opinions surrounding Science Diet dog food, the food is a popular choice amongst dog owners. Science diet products are available for a reasonable price, close to that of many other popular dog foods. This fact, as well as the balanced nutrition that Science Diet dog food offers, has seemed to win over a faithful customer base.

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